Salem Baptist Church
Saturday, January 16, 2021
Building a community of faith, one relationship at a time

Salem Baptist Youth and StudentS

Join our Wed. night Youth programs at Salem! Classes meet every week at 6 pm and are divided into two groups: children in action and youth on mission.

About Children In Action and Youth on Mission:

both Children in Action and Youth on Mission are coed missions organizations for students, grades 1-6 and 7–12. Each group offers students opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers, and helps students learn That they can be a part of God’s work in the world. These classes equip youth to be dynamic, relevant, caring witnesses of Christ from a young age.  


annual projects

      senior adult service-  the youth on missions class participates in many service projects. At salem, we believe in the importance of our seniors. The youth on missions class participates and plans many senior lunches , gatherings , and helps collect supplies or raise money for the benefit of senior members at salem and seniors in the rhea county community.


       annual missions fair- every year in late february, the youth on missions class participates in a hands-on learning experience called the mission fair. the concept of the missions fair is simple- each individual in the class will have until a deadline to research, create, and design a unique presentation  about a city somewhere in the world. The students design stations to exemplify the culture, religion, and lifestyle of the city- to present the day of the fair. they also prepare a native dish. All in all, the missions fair is a fun tradition that everyone is sure to enjoy. 




         Fundraising- AT Salem, nearly all fundraisers are managed by the Youth on missions class.  terri-lynn nuts are sold in the fall by the youth class, and bake sales are held periodically.  all proceeds go to the youth on missions class.


 puppet projects

one unique way some youth choose to serve is through puppet skits. Usually, these are presented during the holidays.

If you are interested in working with puppets, feel free to join us!

          The Watchers